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Workplace Challenge

Want to make your Workplace Active? Then the Workplace Challenge is for you.

Many people struggle to be active due to work commitments, this programme aims to have a positive impact upon your health and benefit your work. Alongside the well documented physical and mental benefits regular exercise can have upon your health, it could also benefit your productivity at work by giving you more energy and reduced stress.

The Workplace Challenge programme, run in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, aims to encourage workplaces to become more active. Colleagues are encouraged to get involved in any form of physical activity and log their progress upon the website. This can be any form of activity from housework to high level sports competition. Any activity logged will score you points which will accumulate and determine the leaderboard amongst your department and business as well as across the district and county. There is no pressure to continously update your progress as you can back date your entries.

As part of the programme a volunteer from your organisation will be invited to become a Workplace Champion. They will attend a workshop on how to deliver and develop the programme in the workplace, plus they will become the main point of contact with regards to your programme and will be able to setup mini challenges away from the main challenges to get your business active.

The 3 main elements to the programme are the Activity Log, Competitions and Business Games;

  • The activity log allows you to keep track of all your physical activity. The log is open all year round so it is a great way to track your activity levels and progress, especially if the competitions are not your thing. However from January to March and during September will be the main challenges. During this time you will see a big push from LRS, Us (HBSHA) and your workplace champion to get active and take on the challenge. Any activities logged and points accumulated will automatically open the possibility of winning prizes or awards for your efforts.
  • Competitions are run regularly from January to June. They are competitions between different workplaces which are low cost and lots of fun. It doesn't matter if you havent played before as often their will be a coach available to support your with instruction.
  • The Business Games are the highlight of the programme. Businesses are invited to take part in a range of team sports and challenges. No experience is necessary as the emphasis is on fun, teamwork and networking.

You do not need to take part in the competitions to be involved with the Workplace Challenge and take a positive step towards improving your health and work productivity. The programme encourages people to become active by fitting in any form of activity where ever possible throughout the day and reward you for that effort, if you want to be involved with the competitions, challenges and business games that is an extra element that many will enjoy.

The website remains open all year round, so activities can still be logged plus news and events continue to be added throughout the year. Therefore it is a great way to keep track of your activity levels and also find local events or activities you may want to attend.

If you would be interested in getting your business involved with the Workplace Challenge or would like some more information then please contact us or sign up at www.workplacechallenge.org.uk/lrsport