School Sport & Physical Activity Network

The Hinckley and Bosworth School Sport and Physical Activity Network (SSPAN) has a core purpose to promote and co-ordinate participation in lifelong phyiscal activity for all young people.

Key to their role is to build links between all of the schools in our borough to develop school sports opportunities both within school, between schools and to the wider community.

This includes co-ordinating the school games programme, running various level 2 competitions to qualify for the level 3 competition in the new year. In addition the SSPAN actively promote various voluntary opportunities to encoruage students to develop additional skills such as leadership and teamwork. Also they play a role in students making steps towards involvement with community sport clubs through the development of Leadership Academy's. Currently, the SSPAN team co-ordinate and run a Level 2 Sports Leaders Award, where 50 pupils from various local schools actively volunteer in local clubs and organisations. In addition, there will also be a Level 1 Sports Leaders Award starting in Spring, 2018.

Congratulations to all of the schools and participants that took part in Level 2 and 3 competitions ran during the year that led to this result. Most importantly a big thank you to our school sport and physical activity network team for working with the schools and co-ordinating all of the competitions throughout the year.

For full details on the results and photos from the day please visit:

Chris Ripley

School Sport and Physical Activity Newtork Manager

Bosworth Academy
Leicester Lane
Desford Leicester