MacMillan Cancer Support and Physical Activity Group

Physical activity after treatment for cancer can reduce the impact of some debilitating side effects, such as swelling around the arm, anxiety, depression, fatigue, impaired mobility and weight changes (MacMillan Cancer Support)

The Cancer Support and Physical Activity Group was setup with this statement in mind. The understanding that encouraging people living with and beyond cancer to remain physically active can have a significant impact upon their recovery.

However the group is not just for those with cancer, it is open to those affected by cancer as well. The family members and carers as we recognise that physical activity has a wonderful cohesive element in nature that helps to improve the experience.

We aim to provide support for people affected by cancer, alongside an opportunity to meet others in a relaxed setting and take part in some activities on offer at the club

The group has been setup with full collaboration from MacMillan Cancer Support to ensure we provide a valuable experience.

The group meet at Sport in Desford every 3rd Tuesday of the month, with sessions starting at 10am.

Feel free to come down and meet our group in the warm atompshere of the bar area. Here you will find our welcoming team, were you will be able to chat to them and others in the group. There is a range of activities on offer including;

  • Gentle exercise
  • Mild Gym Classes
  • New Age Kurling
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • And More

You will be asked to select 3 to take part in, but don't worry they are very informal and should you wish to take a break or stop then you are free to do so. We have around 20 minutes on each activity before rotating around to your next one, but you will find we often take a break between each session to have more tea and biscuits.

If you would like more information on this group please contact Sport in Desford, details at the bottom of the page

Recently MacMillan Cancer Support completed research into the benefits of physical activity for people living with and beyond cancer. Please take the time to read the documents below to understand the evidence, effects and benefits of physical activity on tackling cancer.

Sport in Desford

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The Flying Fields
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