Hinckley & Bosworth Locality Profile 2017

The Hinckley and Bosworth Locality Profile brings together a diverse range of the most up to date official statistics and research. The research and data focuses specifically on that of Hinckley and Bosworth, however frequently uses other local districts, regional and national figures for comparative purposes.

The Locality Profile outlines various indicators such as; local demographics, deprivation levels, employment statistics, health, crime, education and levels of physical activity and local activity provisions. Furthermore, the profile incorporates data for all ages, ethnicities and genders, resulting in a holistic overview of community within Hinckley and Bosworth.

The profile can be utilised in multiple ways through offering insight for project and delivery within the local area and offering supporting evidence for funding bids. Therefore, for ease of reading, please refer to the executive 'snap shot' Key Summary which captures high level facts on pages 36-39.